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Great NEW features just added to Introducing the new CANDLE CONGRESS forum, Forex Focus, and Options Outlook. Join our community of candle traders/investors to disect the markets, obtain knowledge, trading ideas and strategies.

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How Would You Like To Have Instant Access to the Most Comprehensive and Useful "Vault" of Steve Nison's Candle Charting Training and Resources (Day or Night), to Boost Your Confidence and Success?

The secret is in leveraging the expertise and experience of Steve Nison... the world's foremost expert on candlestick charting, and Director of MyCandlecharts, Paul Siegel. You see, most traders do things the hard, slow, and expensive way. They're guessing, stumbling, and losing lots of money in the process. If that's you, that painful process can end today, right now.

If you're currently successful in the markets take advantage of obtaining new ideas with other select investors, and expand or refine your skills using our many and varied educational components.

Why this Site Will be Your New Best Friend...

Steve Nison is always finding new ways to help you trade and invest with more knowledge and confidence than ever before. As you'll soon see, with your new found understanding of what's going on in the markets now, you will quickly find the golden opportunities...and having the rock solid confidence to take advantage of these opportunities.

Experience has shown that it's essential to continually enhance your trading knowledge to fast track your trading profits. That's why you'll get instant access 24/7 to Steve's entire archive of educational newsletters, high quality video tutorials that explain different candle patterns and strategies, AND details of what to do in different situations. It helps remove any guesswork from your trading.

Here's an actual example of "Highlights", Steve Nison's Strategy Newsletter...

What Can These Tools Do For You?

MyCandlecharts covers every aspect of helping you trade with more knowledge and confidence than you've ever had before... here are a few samples of what you'll discover inside...

Membership Access Includes:
    Here is where we meet to discuss the markets, exchange knowledge, trading ideas and strategies. Members can ask questions and request charts
  • Weekly Candle Strategy Sessions
    When you attend these online meetings, we analyze any US market of your choice -- live during the session!
    Plus, your knowledge and skill will improve as you watch how we use the best of Nison candles, western indicators, and trade management in our analysis. This is a prime resource to line up your trading ideas for the very next session. During these Weekly Trading Tactics Sessions, you will:
    * Learn what the candles and key Western indicators are revealing about your specific market
    * Get our advice on a trade you are contemplating
    * Discover our "hot" markets for potential trade set ups
  • Video Chart of the Day:
    Want to learn how to most effectively use candle charting and western technical indicators with trading strategies in current markets? Then this is the resource for you.
    On most trading days we post a Video Chart of the Day. These charts cover candle charting, Western technicals, and trading strategies.
    The goal is to help push your education ahead by discussing interesting situations we discover in charts of different markets and time frames.
    All of these video lessons are available for you to access at any time.
  • Weekly Wrap-up Video:
    Knowing what the major markets are doing is pivotal to your trading or investing success.
    That's why it's vital to keep an eye on our Weekly Wrap-Up. This is where you get our views on current condition of the major stock indexes, Forex markets, and pivotal commodities such as gold and crude oil.
  • Weekly Blog:
    Our blog posts focus on topics to help broaden your perspective as a trader.
    From candle patterns to understanding trade management strategies, we aim to give you valuable new insights and worthwhile reminders.
    In these posts, we will give you the strategies and tactics we have discovered that work time and time again. Plus, you'll also get priceless tips on how to avoid common candle misuses.
  • Steve's Newsletter Archive:
    You'll have access to this abundant archive, filled with a wealth of information, from Steve's video trading newsletters.
    Each video episode focuses on an individual candle pattern and is designed to hone and refine your candlestick knowledge.
  • Chart Challenge:
    Ready to test your understanding of Nison candles? Then you'll love this intellectual challenge that members are crazy about!
    In this member area you'll see a chart with a unique situation to analyze. Then it's up to you to answer the question: "What would you do?"
    The next trading day we then post a video suggesting how we would handle that trading situation. It's a fabulous way to test your knowledge on a regular basis... which also improves your skill week after week.
  • Resources:
    When you get inside the Resources section of the member site, you'll find valuable information on economic releases, earnings, and headlines.
    And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
    You'll also have private access to our extensive collection of educational materials, including numerous articles, tips, and invaluable information for traders in all markets.

More and more new training materials and resources are added frequently. This is your chance to tap into Nison's ongoing research and study with unrivaled access to the best of the best in candle charting.

When you activate your membership, you'll get instant access to a multitude of dynamic informative features - Plus Four FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $375. Start learning candle charting strategies today!

REMEMBER: There's nothing else like this in the world! All of Steve Nison's training, interaction with other traders and investors, access to exclusive content - will be right at your fingertips, 24/7.

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Member Feedback:
"Your guidance, clear teaching techniques, and genuine interest in your students have made all the difference in the world to my trading efforts."
Kevin K.
Chicago, IL

"You have contributed enormously to my education as a trader this past year. I am in process of transitioning to trading for a living."
Anne Davis

"Overall positive trades have increased dramatically – same dollar sized trades – weekly profits up!"
Jim Schierhorn

"The ability to looking at candles for reversals has added a major asset to my trading strategy. I am gaining significantly over my previous strategy."
Rich Willis

"My profits have doubled, as I not only have been able to better recognize winning stocks, but I have also been able to cut losses earlier by applying more concrete support areas determined by using candlesticks."
Kelly Stone